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Inspired Products Celebrating the
Magick & Medicine of Herbs & Aromatics

12/10 & 12/11
noon to 6

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annual holiday sale
december 10 & 11


Casa Botanica products are designed to celebrate where we are and when we are in relationship to nature.


Our offerings reflect our experience of being present here and now in reciprocal relationship with local plant allies with an eye to empowering thriving in our natural and human community into the future.


Casa Botanica's products are dynamic, extremely limited in their size/availability, and strictly seasonal.


Products sell out of FAST and you typically won't find the same thing twice.


We encourage you to sign up to be sure you don't miss out on the magic and medicine!

As the wheel of the year turns, you'll have opportunities to shop for the many delights we create together in the kitchen, lab, still room, perfumery, garden, greenhouse, and wild.

In celebrating our North Idaho home, Casa Botanica products emphasize our love for life and nature along with our intentional relationship with people and planet.

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