About Casa Botanica

Our Story


Casa Botanica is the love child of Kendall and Kristina, best friends who accidentally discovered one another living in Sandpoint after attending the same distillation workshop in Washington one week apart. From their first - very loud, very energetic - meeting at Evans Brothers coffee years ago, their friendship and partnership has grown and evolved beyond their wildest imaginings.

After sharing inspired experiences at diverse conferences, workshops, and teacher trainings, Kendall and Kristina began to shape their own vision for a local school through which to host workshops and experiences that bring participants into empowered, meaningful relationship with the nature and medicine that surrounds them in North Idaho. Originally created as the Selkirk School of Alchemy, Casa Botanica evolved into its current iteration when circumstances conspired to organically create the shared space, name, and spirit that embodies what Kendall and Kristina automagically co-created.

Casa Botanica reflects Kendall and Kristina's dynamic vision of co-created community through empowering hands-on workshops, events, and activities in a joyful, sacred, healing space.

The medicine of nature and the magick of season and space inspire, nourish, and guide us. 
The hands-on workshops, educational experiences, and seasonal products we co-create celebrate the medicine and magick of being wholly, holy, holistically present.