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Casa Botanica

The medicine of
nature and the magick of season and space inspire, inform, and guide us. 
The seasonal products we co-create celebrate the medicine and magick of being wholly, holy, holistically present.

our story


Casa Botanica was created by Kendall and Kristina, best friends who accidentally discovered one another living in Sandpoint after attending the same distillation workshop in Washington one week apart. At their first - very loud, very energetic - meeting at Evans Brothers coffee years ago, they confirmed they share many of the same interests (herbs, aromatics, natural perfumery, distillation). They also quickly realized they shared a particular passion for continuing education fed by endless curiousity and beginner's mind engagement.

After sharing amazing experiences at diverse conferences, workshops, and teacher trainings in their many, varied fields of interest, Kendall and Kristina began to shape their own vision of a shared place where they could blend, distill, and formulate together as they celebrated the nature and medicine that surrounds them in North Idaho.


Originally created as the Selkirk School of Alchemy, their endeavor was anchored in a former home with new healing purpose nestled among cedars. Focused on education, they set their first workshop for Spring of 2020 and then....




While the pandemic delayed the school's launch, Kendall and Kristina continued to meet up throughout lockdown to craft inspired remedies and daydream about offering future workshops together. As they struggled to differentiate where to meet (the house! which house?! your house? oh, the schoolhouse!), they came to call the school's headquarters (located on Botanical Lane) by a new nickname, Casa Botanica.

By the time they were free to open their doors, there was no denying how their vision had organically evolved into something not-a-school. Their explorations in their liminal lockdown time organically shaped Casa Botanica to reflect something more dynamic, fun, and fitting for both them and their community. Today, Kendall and Kristina get together regularly to make inspired herbal and aromatic products that reflect their love of North Idaho's nature, medicine, and beauty and their passion for healing and wholeness.

casa botanica is:
full of love
therapeutic magical
and as fun & organic as possible!

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