Exciting Workshops & Inspired Products Celebrating the Magick & Medicine of Nature, Time & Place

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Casa Botanica workshops and products are designed to celebrate where we are and when we are. Our offerings reflect our experience of being present, here and now, and our commitment to actively and meaningfully showing up for the future.


Casa Botanica's workshops and products are limited in their availability and strictly seasonal & dynamic--we sell out FAST and you won't find the same thing twice. Informed and inspired by what our community wants and needs to thrive, here and now, we draw on everything from aromatics to yoga. We keep our workshops intimate, our approach empowering, our learning accessible, and our takeaways compelling and relevant.

In celebrating our North Idaho home, Casa Botanica workshops and products emphasize our love for life and nature along with our intentional relationship with people and planet. We offer practical, therapeutic, and magical experiences in the workshops and products we co-create.