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We've loved connecting with each and every one of you in our workshops, pop-up shops, and experiences at Casa Botanica. You've made it possible for us to grow and explore new edges -- it's been an absolute blast.

With deep gratitude for the fun and the ceremony we shared, we are closing Casa Botanica and saying YES! to the call from new opportunities more closely aligned with our personal passions.


While Casa Botanica and all its collateral will be gone soon, you can still find Kendall and Kristina sharing their magic with the world.


If you're interested in seeing the latest from each of us, follow us on social media and link to our websites.


You'll find Kendall and her art on Etsy and Instagram.

You can find Kristina on Instagram and, soon, back as The Untamed Alchemist. You can explore Kristina's products, sessions, and workshops at Untamed Alchemy (which will open officially at its new location soon).

We send you so much love and gratitude for everything you co-created with us! THANK YOU!

so long and thanks for all the fish!

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